What The Minions Did Today

Meet Our Minions

D4 loves all things 'Despicable' so D1 made her some mini minions for her birthday. They live on her bedroom windowsill each by their own name written in whiteboard pen (which makes dusting a pain as I keep having to re-write the names and occasionally get them in the wrong place)

Jerry, Mike and Paul

Billy. Barry, Kevin and Gary

John, Steve and Phil

Trevor lives in the study

Geoff lives in the kitchen

Stewart, Tim, Larry and Mark

We sometimes catch them out and about!

Feb 2nd 2012

Barry leads a conga round D5's sweety jar  - heyyyyy!!!!

Feb 29th 2012

Steve reads a bedtime story to the gang.

watch the trailer by clicking on the link above
How will D4 last until June 2013

Unicorn joined the boys for a play-date

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  1. I love this! So super cute. I would be excited to wake up in the morning just to find out if any of the minions have moved homes. Very creative