Wednesday, 29 February 2012

End of Feb!

I can't beleive it's already the end of February! hats off to all you dedicated bloggers out there - I still haven't got to grips with it yet.

My 'dress a girl' update
Well I guessed wrong about how many dresses my bolt of fabric would make. It totalled 16.  I also managed to commandeer an 'offcut' bolt of fabric that had been donated to school.

 It is lilac with a kind of damaskesque leaf in it. The headteacher wasn't sure what they would use it for so was quite happy for me to take it. It is only 18 inches wide so makes smaller dresses for age 3,4,5yrs. So far I have cut out 12 kits including a pocket and contrasting bias tapes and sent them in to school with instructions for any willing volunteers to sew as part of the schools part in the project. I have another 24 dresses cut out at home and still more fabric left on the roll! It feels like the never ending porridge pot.

they look cute though.
I also found some striped bedding in a sale and made a coulple of dresses to try it out

it has made 14 kits and scrunchies to match.
1st Parbold and Dalton Guides
The Guides started on their pillowcase dresses last night along with some of us mums to help. I took in my sewing machine, D 5's little machine and even my mums old Victorian hand-driven singer workhorse of a machine which is still a delight to use (even in it does sound like the bell on an old trolley bus) The Guides were very enthusiastic. They will continue with them next week and should end up with about 10 dresses as part of their 'Together We Can' badge. Hopefully we will have some pictures of the Guides to post next week.

These Booties Are Made For Walking
I gave baby M's mum the booties and she loved them, then came home and made some knee length ones  for the following week.

They went down such a storm that several others have asked me to make some to buy. So I am  making a block batch of different sorts to take in soon. Also perfected a new two tone 'Mary Jane' shoe pattern which I will make in several combinations.

 Oh to have a little one again - nope that moment of reflection has rapidly evaporated.

Sweethearts for two sweethearts
Saw a pattern for a crocheted heart and just had to make some in different sizes to create a wallhanging for the birthdays of a friends two little girls aged 4 and 2

then their mum asked me to make her an apron to use at the pre school she works at within Our Lady's Primary School - Little saints

I printed  their logo from their website, traced it then hand embroidered it onto the bib front.  I dont think it turned out too bad, do you?

Also a toddler apron and baking bag for a friend of hers

So all in all a busy couple of weeks. D1 came home for a weekend from Uni and D's 3, 4 + 5 had school hols. Happy days.



  1. Your little dresses and other projects are really lovely. Well done you.
    A x

  2. What I love to see: a busy crafter!
    Know exactly what you mean about having to have crafted something each day so we can sleep easier.
    Thanks for the follow and enjoy blogging!
    Ali x

  3. What lovely things, can't wait to see more. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Jill x

  4. What pretty litte dresses.

    Nina x