Wednesday, 1 February 2012

one week older

Oh my goodness how exciting to see comments on my page so soon. Thankyou sooooo much to those lovely ladies although I think Emma was more thrilled about the praise for her throw (which she has almost sewn up now!) As for mine - no more progress. But I have been busy with other things

I Miss Knitting Baby Clothes
I saw some lovely bootees on baby M at toddlers last week and commented on how I missed knitting baby things. Mum of M said she couldn't knit and I could happily do some for her, so I came home and thought hey perhaps I will. I have so much wool in boxes in the loft that it needed a purpose again.
So I made 3 pairs to give to baby M tororrow

tweedy green

denim blue

I adapted a pattern from Knitting Pattern Central to suit my needs and I love the finished product, as do my girls.  More of these may appear in the future for sale, who knows.


Whooh! I made my first pillowcase dresses yesterday, except they weren't from pillowcases. My friend Paula gave me a bolt of Laura Ashley fabric last year which she had bought years previously at a car boot sale and wondered if I could do something creative with it. Although it is really upholstery fabric it was light enough to make into dresses and being the perfectionist I am worked out the measurements to allow the print repeat to match on the front and back of the dress. The remnants had small patterns on to make two types of pocket. I made 2 yesterday and 3 today and have enough fabric to probably make another 5/6 so I am well pleased with my starting contribution to  they also are a nice template for us to work from on the school workshop day.

two dresses with different pockets

with stocking tot and mini ted in pockets
so - 3 more stocking tots, 3 more mini teds, 3 pairs of bootees and 5 dresses - I think I've fullfilled my one a day pledge this week.

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